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How to design your Photobooth prints –  Tips for Photobooth business owners.

1) Don’t overdo the graphics on the design, less is more.

Try not to include too many images on the design, to make it really pop aim for a glitter or elegant background graphic with stylised text.

2) Only use one fancy font.

A good rule is to avoid using more than one cursive font style otherwise your design is likely to look amateur. Have one fancy font combined with a nice serif font to achieve a professional look. Also be sure that you don’t cram too much text into the design, less is more remember?

3) Frame the images with an overlay.

Use a transparent layer (.png) to add frames on top of the individual photo spots. This will add extra dimension to the prints. You can even have a graphic on the print, such as a flower or a string of lights, to slightly overlap the actual photobooth photos for extra depth and flair.

4) Make sure your design is in the correct resolution for your photobooth printer.

If the resolution of your design is too low for your printer it can greatly diminish the quality of the prints. DSLRbooth allows you to select between 300dpi and 600dpi and most other photobooth software has a similar option. If your photos print at low quality you’ll likely need to up the print resolution.

5) Use the right color physical backdrop for the photos.

If you offer different backdrop colors and patterns, make sure the one your client has chosen doesn’t clash with their print design choice.

I once had a client chose a black & White damask style pattern fabric backdrop with a blue zig zag patterned print. I had to let them know that it was unfortunately going to be a bad choice.

Jordan from says it’s all about balance. Their new templates are a super multitasker.

Is there a photobooth operator alive who doesn’t want this part of their serivce to be simple and easy?

“The whole idea of less is more is about not overcomplicating it. The reason why I started was because it was so difficult to find templates that weren’t over the top and difficult to customise. Most of the templates I found were also super painful to edit. I’d load the file into photoshop and be like… Ok, so now what? “ Said Jordan Mackintosh, the founder over at who began building their designs with ease of use in mind.

Our designs load straight into your photobooth software. The text can be edited right there within your software, you just need to install the font from the links we provide. They look great and seriously help minimise the amount of time going back and forth with your clients revising the design.”

Their new line of templates aren’t just for those who want it simple however. “If you wanna get your hands dirty and adjust every colour on the template that’s no problem either. Our templates allow for that with the included Photoshop file.”

After all, the one thing your clients are left with after their event is the photobooth prints. Make sure the quality here is as good as it can possibly be, it’s the one lasting thing that your business will be remembered by and it’s going to play a huge factor in whether or not the client will use your business again in the future.

Unfortunately, a lot of the designs I’ve seen from photobooth businesses have been pretty terrible and amateur. 

I recommend building up a collection of top quality print templates for different themed events. Create a portfolio of these templates on your website that your clients can choose from and customize to suit their event’s theme.    

Include different template categories like;    

* Weddings

* Christmas

* Corporate Events

* Birthdays

* Halloween    

And also different template layout styles, like;    

* 4×6 Postcard Templates

* 3 Spot Photo Strips

* 4 Spot Photo Strips

* Mirror Booth Templates

* Single Photo Postcard Templates    

Let your clients know that they can customise the colours and written details for each template to suit their event. The amount of time you’ll save going back and forth revising the design with clients is massive. And the final product will look slick & professional and can be used over and over again.    

Check out this video on how to install and customize the text for a Pro Photobooth Templates design within DSLRbooth.


Looking for a real show stopper? Look no further than this classic photo strip featuring a colourful glittering sparkle that will add a sophisticated touch to any event. Colours and text are fully customisable to match any theme.

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Classy Polkadots Image


Pop the champagne! This photo strip is the perfect balance of fun and sophistication.

Featuring textured metallic polka dots with a flowing handwritten font that can all be customised to any colour of the rainbow….only your imagination will hold you back!

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Geo Flare 2


Cut some shapes with this bold and colorful 3 strip design!

Modern and punchy, this design comes in 2 different color options with text that’s customisable from within your photobooth software.

We’ve included a Photoshop PSD file that can be edited for even more colour options.

Perfect for funky Weddings and Birthdays!

$15.00Select options

Learn how to customise our templates even more with Photoshop!

Check out this overview of our stunning brand new Floral Stripes design!