Foliage Fiesta – 3 Strip


Introducing Foliage Fiesta: Unleash the Natural Beauty!

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking celebration of leaves and foliage with our captivating template designed specifically for weddings and engagement parties.

Infused with lush greenery and vibrant colors, Foliage Fiesta is the perfect choice to bring nature’s elegance to your special event.

Download includes: Photoshop File, dslrBooth File, and Font Links.

If you don’t use dslrBooth you can still effortlessly bring the template to life on any other Photo Booth software, thanks to the convenience of our Photoshop file.

Edit the file free using or in Photoshop. Simply save the layers and voilà – you’re ready to go! View our video tutorials for step by step instructions.

Foliage Fiesta Photobooth Template
Foliage Fiesta – 3 Strip