1) Create Systems and guides

No business is able to effectively scale without a set of systems in place.

The key here is to have a set of systems ready so new staff can quickly and easily operate and manage the booths with minimal hands on training.

I recommend creating a pdf document of each process you have for the business. When you hire new staff they can go through the documents and get a thorough understanding of what they need to be doing.

Create guides for;

  • Basic operation of your photobooths
  • Technical Trouble Shooting
  • Setup and Packdown of each booth style you offer
  • Creating new bookings
  • Invoicing and reconciling accounts
  • Dealing effectively with customer enquiries and emails
  • Updating your business website and social media channels

2) Automate As Much As Possible

Use an online booking form on your website for potential clients to book in their event. Use a form that can integrate with your CRM and accounting software so once a booking is placed everything is setup automatically within your systems. This can save extremely large amounts of time so you can focus on expanding your offering.

3) Brand Your Business Vehicle

Vehicle branding may seem expensive but it will pay itself off in literally no time.

It’s the cheapest form of advertising available, think about it, every time your vehicle is on the road hundreds or even thousands of people are being exposed to your business. It also creates a very professional look for when you arrive to events to setup which will help with return customers and word of mouth referrals.

Don’t go cheap here, get a full vinyl wrap or at least a half vinyl wrap and make sure the design look slick and professional. Avoid magnetic cheap looking decals and go for colors that stand out.

4) Hire Staff That Do it All

Think about it, if you have to be present for every photobooth event there’s only so much work you can accept.

Train staff to setup, operate and packdown each job, that way there’s no limit to how much work you can take on. You can start with a single booth and then scale up to 2 booths, then 3 etc.

I have staff that will arrive at my home, pack the correct gear into the vehicle, arrive at the venue, setup, operate the booth, copy the photos onto a USB for the client, give out business cards, packdown the booth and return the vehicle that night.

5) Don’t rely on a single channel for leads

You never want to rely on only one way of attracting clients otherwise you limit how much control you have over your business. For example, if you only use SEO to acquire leads and Google changes their algorithm you can say goodbye to your business and your income.

The point here is to diversify as much as possible. Use SEO, but also use Google Adwords, Facebook, Wedding Directories, etc.

This way if one source fails you have backups and can continue running your business.

I hope this gave you some fresh new ideas to help you scale your business.

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